Unline Pet Guide - Beginner Edition!

Section 1:

First off, Welcome to Unline! We hope you have a great experience in-game with the community and make friends along the way.

I am here to help you expand your knowledge and expertise regarding "Pets" in Unline. "Pets? What are pets?" You might ask, well this guide should help you understand more about pets and give you information to raise your own!

Hatching your pet.
To hatch your own pet, you must first obtain a "Hatchable egg". After you have this item, you can drop it on the ground (Be somewhere safe as a player can grab it while you are trying to hatch it!) and repeatedly RIGHT-CLICK the egg until your pet appears. Sometimes you may encounter a message that says "The Soul has faded away." which means your egg did not have a pet inside, and unfortunately you will have to purchase another egg.
(Reminder: You cannot be in a Protection Zone when hatching your pet.)

                                                            Feeding your pet.
When you first hatch your egg, you want to give your pet some food so it doesn't become angry and run away! To do this, you can drop food (any type of food in-game) in front of or any other space around your pet to feed it. There is no command to do this, just drop a moderate amount of food and your pet will eat it until it's full. 
WARNING: If you see your pet saying this: ">,<" stop feeding it ASAP! It is very full and if fed constantly will eventually lose it's happiness level and loyalty levels and run away.


            Petstats Command

When you type the command "!petstats" a window will appear on your screen with all the information needed for your pet. It will show some very basic things such as the name, level, experience, loyalty, happiness, etc. You can use this information to see how your pet is progressing. Also, your pet will show you how it feels about you by occasionally posting emotions like a smile, heart, or sticking it's tongue out! =P


Section 2:

Pet Commands.

  • !pet - Using this command will wake your pet or put your pet to sleep. 
  • !petstats - Shown above in Section 1. - Shows all stats regarding your pet which includes hunger, loyalty, happiness, skills, and experience.
  • !petname - This command can be used to name your pet. Example: !petname Erimyth Junior - Using this command will give my pet the name "Erimyth Junior" if valid.
  • !releasepet - Using this command will release your pet. There is a warning before releasing so it will only be released if you execute the command twice.