Pets in Unline
We are thankful to Dking and Sir Morro Knoxville who constructed a well detailed list of the pets so far in the game.

We are very grateful to Firoxis for having provided all the information about pets for thieves.

What is a pet?

A pet is a "monster" that you can summon any time you want, you can buy it in Lakeshire from the NPC Calvin for 50 crystal coins.

What do I have to do when I buy it?

It's simple, take your hatchable egg to a safe place, put it on the ground and right click on it until your egg hatches. You should take care of him. It will have different moods and when your pet reaches the Happy mood, you can start leveling it or it will become angry and leave you.

Start feeding it by throwing food around your pet,(It can be in any sqm beside your pet)  you should not feed your pet past the "full" mood. (you can see pet commands here ), use the !petstats command to see your pets stats, it will open a window, and will look like this:


Pet Stats Window

Edits and Picture added by: Severee.

IMPORTANT: As stated before, DON'T go anywhere with your pet until it reaches Happines: Happy

Currently we have 37 kinds of pets.

  • 5 are for Paladin/Sniper
  • 10 are for Knight/Gladiator
  • 13 are for Druid/biochemist and Sorcerer/Alchemist
  • 9 are for Thief/Assassin/Ninja

These pets start using Exori Con at level 62. At level 83 they start using bolts. At level 125 they start using Exevo Mas San. At level 166 they start using power bolts. At level 187 they use explosion rune and finally at level 250 they start to use Sudden death (rune) and Infernal bolts.

Pets First Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution
Elf Scout level 125
Elf Scout
Elf Arcanist level 250
Elf Arcanist
Dwarf Solder level 83
Dwarf Soldier
Dwarf Guard level 166
Dwarf Guard
Dwarf Geomancer level 250
Dwarf Geomancer
Parrot level 125
Terror Bird level 250
Terror Bird
Vampire level 82
Mutated Bat level 166
Mutated Bat
Vampire Lord level 250
The Count
Sibang Merlkin level 125 Kongra level 250

These pets starts casting Exori Hur at level 62. At level 125 they learn the spell Exori Mas. At level 187 they learn Explosion and finally at level 250 learn the spell Exori.

Pets First Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution Fourth Evolution
Orc Orc Warrior level 62 Orc Berserker level 125 Orc Leader level 187 Orc Warlord level 250
Rotworm Carrion Worm level 125 Rotworn Queen level 250
Skeleton Skeleton Warrior level 62 Demon Skeleton level 125 Lost Soul level 187 Betrayed Wraith level 250
Ghoul Crypt Shambler level 125 Lich level 250
Mummy Morguthis level 125 Dipthrah level 250
Dog Wolf level 62 Husky level 125 War Wolf level 187 Werewolf level 250
Troll Island troll level 125  Troll Champion level 250
Goblin Goblin Scavenger level 125 Goblin Assassin level 250
Cyclop Cyclops Drone level 125 Cyclops Smith level 250
Pirate Marauder Pirate Cutthroat level 83 Pirate Buccaneer level 166 Pirate Corsair level 250

Druids and Sorcerers
These pets learn a new attack (GFB, poison storm, thunderstorm, avalanche) either at level 50 or 62 and some learn Invisible at level 100. They start using Sudden Deaths (rune) at level 150. They start to use their elemental wave at level 200, and finally at level 250 they use ultimate spell.

  • Fire pets
Pets First Evolution Second Evolution
Fire Elemental Blistering Fire Elemental level 125 Hellfire Fighter level 250
Dragon Hatchling Wyvern level 125 Dragon level 250
Fire Devil Diabolic Imp level 125 Demon level 250

Flame strike1

  • Ice pets
Pets First Evolution Secon Evolution Third Evolution Fourth Evolution
Quara Constrictor Quara Hydromancer level 62 Quara Mantassin level 125 Quara Pincher level 187 Quara Predator level 250
Chakoya Tribewarden Chakoya Toolshaper level 83 Chakoya Windcaller level 166 Yeti level 250

Ice strike1

  • Energy pets
Pets First Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution
Gazer Beholder level 83 Elder Beholder level 166 Braindeath level 250

Energy strike1

  • Earth pets
Pets First Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution Fourth Evolution
Spider Poison Spider level 62 Tarantula level 125

Wailing Widow level 187

Giant Spider level 250
Slime Bog Raider level 125 Defiler level 250
Green Frog Coral Frog  level 125 Toad level 250
Dworc Venomsniper Dworc Fleshhunter level 125 Dworc VoodooMaster level 250
Snake Cobra level 125 Serpent Spawn level 250
Ghost Spectre level 125 Phantasm level 250
Larva Scarab level 125

Ancient Scarab level 250

Terra strike1


Weapons Attack. From level 0-82 they attack with Throwing knives.

They start using Throwing stars at level 83.

They start using Venom Stars at level 166.

They start using Assassin Stars at level 250.

Magic Attack. At level 50 they start using Fiery Shot.

At level 150 they start using Toxic Shot.

At level 250 they start using Massacre Bomb.

Support Spells. They learn Invisible spell at level 100.

They start using Enhance Reflexes at level 200.

Pets First Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution Fourth Evolution
Cat Tiger level 62 Mutated Tiger level 125 Midnight Panther level 187 Red Cavepanther level 250
Scorpion Sandstone Scorpion level 125 Scorpion King level 250
Bug Cockroach level 62 Lancer Bettle (Level Unknown) Sulpher Scuttler level 187 Yielothax level 250
Amazon Valkyrie level 83 Fury level 166 Irahsae level 250
Fish Northern Pike level 125 Shark level 250
Crocodile Killer Caiman level 125 Draken Elite level 250
Sandcrawler Nightmare Scion level 62

Nightmare level 125

Nightstalker level 187 Lizard Abomination level 250
Centipede Wiggler level 62 Spitter level 125

Crawler level 187

Abbysador level 250

At the moment we know nothing more than the attacks of these pets. These pets were implemented on January 4, 2013

There were the first players to get their pets to the final evolution:


Pets First Playor to get it
Elf Arcanist level 250 Ovan
Dwarf Geomancer level 250 Silvain Wiltord
Terror Bird level 250 Cazador Nocturno
Grim Reaper level 250 Son of Rena
Kongra level 250 Skoll Beats


Pets First Player to get it
Orc Warlord level 250 Bombero Revenge
Rotworn Queen level 250 Sneeak'jr
Betrayed Wraith level 250 Sub-zero
Dipthrah level 250 Manace to Society
Warwolf level 250 Beat Bandit
Island Champion level 250 Werock
Goblin Assassin level 250 Saint Itachi Uchiha
Cyclops Smith level 250 Alberts Maldito
Lich level 250 Super Mario bros
Pirate Corsair level 250



Pets First Player to get it
Hellfire Fighter  Son of Goku
Dragon Hako Hell
Demon Uchiha Obito
Giant Spider Lord Dik
Dworc VoodooMaster Halo
Toad Deadmaus
Defiler Uh Para Todos (Deleted)
Phantasm King of the demon
Serpent spawn Ryku
Quara Predador Taisho
Yeti Ares biochemist
Ancient Scarab Jeremy
BrainDeath Luzyfer


Pets First Player to get it
Irahsae level 250 Psy Gangnam Style
Lizard Abomination level 250


Scorpion King level 250 Acaelus Thorne
Red Cavepanther level 250 Epic Doom
Abbysador level 250 Thexorcist
Draken Elite level 250 Ninja Jaiden
Yielothax level 250 Fortune Dagger